"The Musician Sculptures"

Los Cabos Artist Martha Curiel shows in her "The Musician" art work the complicated game of balancing the space into the matter: inside the bronze, the sounds, the imaginary silence, and the characters that could be anyone of us.

Influenced by different images remembering a catalog of all trips, books and subconscious, the artist creates figures that moves between reality and imagination, pointing the sub realist of art.

Artist Martha Curiel Sculptor

Creative Hands

Martha Curiel devoted herself to painting fo years, until she responded to the call of sculpture – a new stage in her life when she is preparing and exhibit of her first series. Hers are sculptures that defy gravity while challenging the imagination. In this series, there are three elements, masks, musical instruments, and the hands that work with both. “I start out using plasticine clay, and once the piece is ready I send it to Mexico City for lost-wax casting, then casting in bronze. This group includes the Violinist, Flautist, Harpist, Guitarist, Trumpeter, Saxophonist, Piano Player, Drummer and The Orchestra Director“ other different group includes: Kissing, Beauty and Ugliness, Thinking About You, Winged Woman and Naked Dancer.

Martha Curiel Los Cabos FotoMartha Curiel

Mrs. Martha Curiel began her sculpting, painting and drawing studies with different teachers, since 1978 to 1998 in Mexico City and Los Cabos.

She took part in Los Cabos painting workshops with Kaki Bassi and Victor Cauduro.

In Mexico City she took part in painting and sculpture workshops with Mr. Enrique Yoli, Juan Pereda, Antonio Moller and Sergio Juvert.

Mrs. Curiel has presented her artworks in different expositions in Mexico City, Southern Baja and the Orange County, California in the United States.

Martha Curiel
Sculptor / Painter

With a touch of the surreal, Martha Curiel plays with imagination, emptiness and a hint of profoundness that culminates in the realization of the ethereal self.

Bronze sculptures are part of a dream that elevates man´s essence and reveals the ability to produce sounds that are not heard and faces without distinguishing features. It is the characterization of symbiosis between body and soul.